Internet Marketing Hacks For Beginners

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Up Facebook Group

Unlike offline business, you need a venue, a platform to be in constant touch with your audience. What’s better place than to have an exclusive group which is highly accessible and allows you to have 2 way communication with your audience. Now, before you jump into creating one, you want to make sure you don’t make these 3 Mistakes when...

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10 Steps To Write Blog Content Faster

As a marketer, you need to connect with your audience don’t you? One way to do that is through your blog. And to be able to write blog content faster means you have more time to market it and bring traffic to your blog. Many beginning marketers find it challenging to write content. For some, it could take them days to...

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Thriving In A Crowded Niche Market

Small players, smart marketers who manage to carve out just a small slice of a big crowded niche market can be profitable.Saw in the paper yesterday, as well as announcing in its FB page that John Little (a chain of department stores in Singapore) which saw closure of 2 outlets last year will be closing another outlet coming 24 July,...

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13 Types Of Content Writing For Your Blog

W ho this article is for: Blogging BeginnersAs a new blogger, you may be facing a situation where you don’t know how to go about your content writing, what to write, and in what style should you be doing.Follow up from our last article on How to write content when you are not a writer, this article gives you an...

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How to write content when you are not a writer

As an online entrepreneur, you are called on to manage a variety of tasks. And being a solo website owner, one important task you have is none other than to write content for your site. This scares most people out and is potentially overwhelming when you don’t consider yourself a ‘writer’. Even though the thought of writing might have even put...

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14 Tips to Overcome Information Overload

We are living in an age full of information. Everyday, we are being bombarded by tons and tons of information. For internet marketing beginners, it is even more challenging when you are looking for ways and means to build a successful business online, and at the same time having to overcome information overload…You need information and guides, preferably a foolproof...

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6 List Building Hacks For Beginners

An extensive research done by the Direct Marketing Association shows that smart email marketing plan yields a whopping 4300% ROI for businesses in the United States (dated July 2015). Simply, with every $1 marketers spends, it has a gain of $43. Certainly great news to online marketers like us… In this post, I outline the 6 list building hacks you can leverage... free 23

Shall I get the WP Smush Pro

Checked into my blog dashboard and saw a nasty message awaiting… It says: Urgent Notice Yahoo appears to be either discontinuing or not supporting their free service – bah! So, WPMU DEV is looking into how we can provide a free service to you that replaces this… but it’s going to take some time. So, in the interim,...


How Often Do We Do Full Backup For Websites

Gosh! I am currently typing away on my smartphone. What happened earlier was that I was typing halfway, and wanted to paste a link that I half copied earlier. But when I touched the button, it prompted me an error. I was stuck! I couldn’t go on without pressing ‘Back’, which means I would go back to a blank page!!...

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