14 Tips to Overcome Information Overload

We are living in an age full of information. Everyday, we are being bombarded by tons and tons of information. For internet marketing beginners, it is even more challenging when you are looking for ways and means to build a successful business online, and at the same time having to overcome information overload...

You need information and guides, preferably a foolproof tried and tested BLUEPRINT which you can just take and duplicate, and voila. But that's not necessary the case.

Success comes when you put in the sweat and sometimes tears even after you get your hands on the magic formula, if you ever get one.

That's why you are constantly in a search. A search for the solution to your financial breakthrough, freedom to 'living the laptop life'.

The more you seek, you realize the more info you need.

The more you read or watch or listen to, you realize the clarity you set out looking for is not coming any closer. The conflicting opinions simply not clarified, and you end up being even more confused and frustrated in this conclusion-less debates...

You start wondering what to believe, what advice to follow. You become somewhat lost in the 'words'... literally.

I feel you... I have been there. There is simply so much information out there and every 'expert' seems to know his stuffs well and is giving you his top secrets and strategies.

But the thing is, not all of them do the same thing and there simply are conflicting messages from one over the other.

You got stuck... How to choose what and who to learn from??

My immediate suggestion for you is STOP looking. Pause for a moment from this continuous information seeking and compulsive learning. Consider below tips that I personally find helpful, and use them to your advantage.

1. Know That You Already Have Every Information You Need

If you are feeling overwhelmed by information overload, you probably have already taken in too much. Analysis paralysis is keeping you at a stand-still.

Know that you already have more than enough information you ever need. Stop being a consumer and start operating as a CREATOR.

2. Apply What You Learn

When we are doing research and taking in so much information, we thought we are being productive. We convince ourselves that it is a steep learning curve.

The truth is, only if you are applying what you learn and put it into action. Otherwise, it is not doing much help to your business growth. 

3. Teach Someone While It Is Still Fresh In Mind

Specifically, break down the steps and be an effective teacher to someone. Just like what I am doing now.

By sharing these pointers with you, I am giving myself better clarity on what needs to be done and declutter my 'over-informed' mind.

All these shared while it's still fresh in my mind. Refinement can come later.

4. Take A Break

When we have so much too much information in our head, we feel so bogged down and deadset heavy... Pause and take a break from this information download, including those that are unrelated to the topics you are researching.

Facebook is a great example. Once you get in, you tend to receive so much information, or misinformation.

STOP. Take a break means take a break. Switch off your gadgets, go for a walk, go grab a bite, play with your kids, date your spouse or something.

Take your mind off what you are doing. Take a breather.  You deserve it.

5. Follow Just One Expert You Respect And Trust

While it is easy to get caught up with all the 'great' information out there by all the experts in the field, you need to identify ONE expert that you respect and trust. 

It is true that no one has all the answers. If you want to become a good copywriter, follow someone whose writing catches your attention and moves you.

There are many great copywriters out there. Not all touch you the same way. You will easily identify when you see (read) one.  

6. Test Test Test

When you get the 'proven techniques and strategies' from all those experts you have researched. Begin with one and test it out for yourself. If it works for you, sticks with it. If not, move on and try the next option.

Every one has individual style and preference. What works for one may not necessary works for the other. Find one successful expert that matches your style and follow. ​(refer #5)

7. One Step At A Time

Every journey begins with the first step. Likewise, every skill learnt begins with the first action.

Not to stress yourself up with too much information and don't know where to start. Break them down. Take baby steps. One at a time. Give yourself time to learn and APPLY. 

As you start doing, you get better idea what works and what not. You gain more confident with each step you take. And as you keep moving, you find yourself learning and gaining better insights each day.

Every hurdle crossed is a victory gained. That excites you and further boosts your confidence and self-esteem, and propels your forward towards achieving your ultimate success. 

8. Set Goals

It is easy to get distracted with so much interesting stuffs going on around us. Have a clarity of what you want to achieve and by when you want it to happen helps keep you focus on your priorities and doing what's important for your business.

9. Write Them Down

It is convenient to keep our thoughts in the mind and believing we will remember every bit of them. By doing so, you are occupying your mind and preventing new information to get in.

It's good practice to write your thoughts out (in a notebook or an app like Evernote, for eg).

As a result, you reap benefits as follows:

  • By offloading, it makes room for new ideas to come in.
  • By writing your thoughts out, you are giving yourself the opportunity to decipher and digest what you have just learned.
  • New thoughts and ideas, and sometimes EUREKA moments appear as you write your thoughts out.
  • You feel clearer and lighter in the process. it is telling your subconscious mind that it has been taken care of.

The same goes for your worries... If you are having doubts or fears or worries that are keeping you at a stand-still, write them down on a paper and keep them somewhere. Can be in the drawer, in another room, in a special notebook just for this purpose.

It is a way to tell your subconscious mind that these limiting thoughts have been acknowledged and taken care of.

Allow yourself to just write them down, however 'bad' they are. Just let it out. Once it is out, it makes room for better things to come. 

10. One Thing At A Time

Multitasking is a myth... How often do you find yourself checking email or phone message while in a meeting? Or doing few things at the same time.

You might think you are multitasking but it is doing you more disservice than good. Instead, focus on one thing at a time and giving it your 100% focus.

Not easy I know. That's a personal challenge to me too but let's take baby steps, shall we? Just tell yourself that that's what you want to do and train yourself to do it.

Start small, like a 5 mins focused task. Gradually, increase to 10 mins. 15 mins. 20. 25. 30. ​Yes, you can do it. Just keep conscious practicing.

You find yourself getting more productive with each growing day. 

11. Decision Making

We make decisions throughout the day, big or small. Each time you make decision, it uses your neuro resources.

This happens regardless whether you are making big or small decisions.

That's why sometimes you are stretching your mind so much that you find yourself extremely fatigue after a day full of decision making. And that affects your subsequent decision making ability.

The best time to make any major decision is first thing in the morning when you are fresh and recharged. 

12. Be Organized

When we have a disorganized work space, it distracts and takes focus away from our work.

Having an organized physical environment reduces burden on your mind, and you can focus on what you need to work on.

Highly effective people are highly organized people. It is not uncommon to find them having designated places for their things, appointments and schedules plan ahead. 

I have read this somewhere before. It is common to see creative people having messy workstations. I used to think, aha... no wonder I am messy...duh... Let not make that an excuse to not housekeep your workplace 🙂

13. Say No To Information Overload

You know how stressful and frustrated it can be when you are having information overload. Instead of moving you forward, it is keeping you at standstill or worse, pulling you backward.

So the easiest decision to make today is to say NO to compulsive learning and information overload.

One area you need to look at is your email inbox. Often time, we visit a site and subscribe to it. Naturally, you spend time looking / reading / sifting through those email updates when they arrive in your inbox. That's one common time-zapping activity you can avoid. 

If you find yourself having subscribed to too many of these updates, you can manage and unsubscribe with just a click with this free service online - unroll.me

Once again, do invest 2 minutes of your time to re-read the above 12 pointers. And YES,
take IMMEDIATE action.

14. Celebrate Every Little Success

Every little success, however minute it might seem to be is worth celebrating.

I remember how my daughter took her first steps all by herself when I let go of my hands. It was such a triumphant moment. Yes, for her and more so, for me the mum.

It was such a heartening moment, the beginning of yet another milestone in her life.

We clapped so hard and cheered her on. She got so encouraged and bravely took another step. And no matter how many times she fell we cheered her on.

That's the spirit I would like to part you with here. No matter what happen, give yourself a pat at the back and cheer yourself on. 

Stay FOCUS, for your success is closer than you think!

Sandy Tan

Being a stay at home mum, internet marketing gives me the income I never thought was possible. More so when I have to tend to the demanding needs and constant attention seeking of my 2 young children. If you are reading this right now, I thank you for crossing path with me. Once a beginner myself, I know how tough and overwhelming it can be in this online business. I take it upon myself to give you the Hacks I learn along the way, and making it a profitable business for you!

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6 Responses

  1. Excellent points Sandy.

    I’ve found just focusing on one thing and saying ‘no’ to everything else is a great way to reduce overwhelm and start feeling in control.
    David Wildash recently posted…How To Avoid Suffering The Loss Of Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  2. Irena says:

    Sandy, This is a really great post. I was distracted with so many things and didn’t do my work in the past. My mantra is: Do what you love, set up your the most important goals, do one thing at the time and enjoy what you do! Life is too short for anything else. Thank you for reminded me. 🙂

    • Sandy Tan says:

      Thanks for sharing Irena. It is common and easy to get distracted. What sets you apart is your ability to stay focused and get the results you set out to achieve. May you have great success in your business, relationships and life Irene. To your Abundance!

  3. Mike Gardner says:

    Great post Sandy, particularly like Nos 2 and 10, far too many people follow the latest shiny object and flit around without putting things in to practice
    Mike Gardner recently posted…9 Ways to Develop Laser-Like FocusMy Profile

    • Sandy Tan says:

      It can be distracting and it does take hard discipline and focus power to stay on course. Thanks for your thoughts as always Mike. I appreciate you.

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